Институт развития технологий ТЭК (ИРТТЭК)
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The Fuels and Energy Technology Development Institute (IRTTEK)

The Fuels and Energy Technology Development Institute (IRTTEK) investigates general and specific problems of energy, the relationship between energy industries and economic and political processes. The Institute's aim is to help energy specialists to create a realistic picture of the world energy and to inform about the Russian and global energy sector.

All global processes are closely interrelated: economic and financial policies, extraction of fossil fuels, development of renewable energy sources and nuclear energy, political, social, and ideological processes at all levels.

The aim of the Institute is to choose the most important aspects of interdependent processes and evaluate their impact on the essential factors of energy development in the short and long term.

The Institute actively collaborates with the experts and stakeholders in Russia and other countries.

The director of IRTTEK and the head of the Group of Experts is Sergei Vorobyov, an internationally recognized specialist in the fuel and energy sector.

Collaboration with the media

The Institute actively collaborates with the main media and social networks, including those of the industry. Each month, more than 100 articles prepared by the Institute and several hundred publications and mentions are published on social networks. 

Publication Formats:

  • Articles
  • Comments of the Institute
  • Expert opinions
  • Round tables
  • Investigative reports
  • Opinions of players of the energy market

International collaboration

Our publications

Research work

IRTTEK constantly conducts its own research, expert surveys, streams and other events aimed at studying, analyzing and finding solutions to important problems in the energy industry. The media issue up to 20 comments of the IRTTEK experts each month. 

Among the IRTTEK experts:

Laury Haytayan - member of the Group of the IRTTEKexpert on oil and gas in the Middle East

Mijal Krutkhin - partner of the RusEnergy consultancy

Alexey Zhura - member of the Group of the IRTTEK Experts, CEO of LLC INKRU, Ph.D.

Marsel Salikhov - member of the Group of the IRTTEK Experts, PhD in Economics, President of the Institute of Energy and Finance Foundation, researcher at the Higher School of Economics

Tamara Kandelaki - member of the Group of the IRTTEK Experts, Managing Director of InfoTEK-CONSULT LLC, Professor, Chairperson of the Economic Committee of the Association of Petroleum Refiners and Petrochemicals of Russia

Madalina Sisu Vicari - expert in European Energy Policy and Geopolitics in Brussels

Dmitry Gusev
- vice president of the Independent Fuel Union

Vyacheslav Mishchenko - oil and gas expert

Stanislav Mitrakhovich - expert of the National Fund for Energy Security

Evgeny Arkusha - President of the Russian Fuel Union

JosIgnacio Martnez Cortez - Energy Economics analyst and Coordinator of the Laboratory of Analysis in Commerce, Economy and Business of Mexico (LACEN)

Tamara Safnova - Executive Director of the Independent Analytical Agency of the Oil and Gas Sector ("NAANS-ME- DIA"), Associate Professor of the Department of Internation- al Trade of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

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